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Kara and David | Sunrise engagement session in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

It was 5:30 am when we left Birmingham. The heat, still sleeping itself, gave us a perfect moment to enjoy a rare crisp morning. All packed up, Carlo and I were headed down for an engagement session in Tuscaloosa. The sun took its time climbing into the morning, and the first bits of light hinted that this shoot would be a beautiful one.

After a wrong turn and subsequent 15-minute delay (my bad), we made it to the University of Alabama right as the light was beginning to illuminate campus. When our couple, Kara & David, stepped out of the car, I had no doubt that this one would be one of my favorites. Wearing complimentary blue, the campus, with its vibrant green, white columns, and vibrant sun, would (and did) make my job easy.

Kara and David, while dating for over 2 years, have been friends for even longer, as they both were divers for the University. (“Oh, so you had plenty of time to decide if you wanted to date him?” I asked jokingly.)


Kara and David have a sweet and genuine love for each other, and their laid-back demeanor made the roughly 2-hour shoot feel like 15 minutes. During this session, we were able to capture so many facets of their relationship. There were outwardly expressive moments of laughter and dancing; there were calm, quiet moments, where the only sound came from my shutter. Some of my favorite shots (as always) were completely candid. David would whisper something in her ear, triggering big laughs and smiles from Kara.

Engagement sessions are intimate as they are, considering a couple is allowing you a front-row seat to their relationship and asking you to document their first steps in marriage together. But Tuscaloosa wasn’t just a place with a beautiful backdrop – it is where their love began. This knowledge gave the shoot a blissful nostalgia, as they said goodbye to the start and hello to their new lives together.  

Congratulations, you two!! Best wishes as you start on your incredible life together!!

P.S. I want to give a special thank you to Kara. Kara was one of the first people who trusted me to do her graduation portraits a year and a half ago. As my business grows, I am so honored by and grateful for the clients who continue to have trust in me to capture their happiest moments. Thank you for being on this journey with me!