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Jenna & Adam | Golden hour engagement session in Downtown Huntsville

Jenna, Adam, and I go way back, like back to my not-so-put-together days in 2014. Jenna, one of my roommates at the time, had started dating Adam a few months before. Even early on, there was never a doubt that their love was one that would last. Now, 4 years later (wow, feeling old), it’s beautiful to see how their relationship has grown and matured.


When Adam asked me to photograph their engagement, his request was met with a resounding yes. He booked the private, wood-paneled wine cellar at Cotton Row in Huntsville, Alabama and told Jenna that he had “a very important work meeting there” that night. She was quite surprised to see roses leading down an illuminated corridor (and me attempting to hide in an very visible doorway). 

"Elise, you captured the true spirit of Jenna and Adam. Playfully awkward and in love." - Jenna's Mom

"Elise, you captured the true spirit of Jenna and Adam. Playfully awkward and in love." - Jenna's Mom

The next few seconds were a blur (probably because I was crying), but they ended with a YES from Jenna and applause from the peeking restaurant staff up the stairs. Adam and Jenna finished out dinner at Cotton Row, then met some other friends and me out for drinks. They made late-night FaceTime calls to family and friends to share the good news. We laughed and reminisced about our favorite stories of their relationship.

As Jenna and Adam prepare to start their new life in Huntsville, it was only fitting to have their engagement pictures in the downtown. Huntsville, a rapidly growing city, has a gorgeous urban park with a pond, streams of fish, grassy fields, and plenty of places for a scenic shoot. Despite rain almost forcing us to reschedule, golden hour came through in the nick of time. My love and second shooter Carlo, came as well, and together the four of us spent an hour and a half laughing until we couldn’t breathe.

For as much as Adam and Jenna PROMISED that they were awkward in front of the camera, their grounded love and genuine ease came through in every picture. After 5 years, there is so much understanding between the two of them and so much readiness to take their next steps together as husband and wife.

Thank you guys so much for letting me be a part of this special day!